Farmers Lounge

“The latest boom in urbanization and rural emigration has resulted in the agricultural decline, leaving resource-intensive commercial farmers as dominant players. The local production in rural areas is eroded, leaving rural communities being over-reliant on commercial distribution centers for agricultural commodities. This deprives rural consumers from accessing fresh, nutritious and affordable agricultural produce considering the country’s economic drawback, and further, poses a huge environmental threat. There is a great need to look at incentives that can encourage people to remain in rural areas and produce their own food…” - Bongani Ntombela

“The South African state of rural agriculture should not be limited to self-sufficiency and subsistence. If infrastructure is provided to rural farmers, we’d learn quickly that you don’t have to be huge to be commercial.” - Andile Ngcobo

“The World Health Organisation’s Food and Agriculture Organisation has declared South Africa to be a food secure country numerous times. However, at a household level, there is still a challenge of food insecurity. This is mostly seen in areas of low socio-economic stratifications, in the previously disadvantaged communities whose resilience strongly depend on agricultural activities. There is therefore a need for a farmers community of practice that will promote agriculture. Not just as a food security strategy alone, but also an entrepreneurial business venture.” - Qinisani Qwabe