Ubuntu AgriRenaissance previously known as the Renaissance for Indigenous Agriculture, was founded in September 2019. At the heart of Ubuntu AgriRenaissance are agricultural development and value for African indigenous knowledge systems (AIKS). However the organisation is also comprised of other sub-divisions which include Youth and Community Engagement (YCE), and Scholarship of discovery through research.


Ubuntu AgriRenaissance seeks to contribute towards knowledge and livelihoods development through improved agricultural activities, youth & community engagement (YCE), research, as well as the promotion, protection and management of indigenous knowledge systems (IKS).


  • Agrobiodiversity

  • Excellence through research

  • Respect and value for local knowledge

  • Sustainable development

  • Value for the environment and ecosystems

  • Youth and community engagement



At Ubuntu AgriRenaissance we believe that through working together, more can be achieved. We therefore pride ourselves in opening a platform that allows for collaboration with impact driven role-players whose goal is to contribute towards sustainable development and knowledge generation.


For centuries, Africans have relied upon their indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) for survival. However, there has been a huge neglect of IKS over the past years as a result of the western influence. It is therefore important that this knowledge be accessed and documented for the sake of future generations. 

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